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Message from the CEO

2004 was a truly inspiring year for commercial human spaceflight. In December, l egislation was passed on Capitol Hill that will now lay the groundwork for the suborbital spaceflight industry; the first commercial suborbital flight was successfully flown on June 21; and the Ansari X Prize was won by Burt Rutan and Scaled Composites on October 4.  I don't think anyone doubts that 2004 will go down as a defining year in the history of commercial spaceflight.


I am confident that 2005 we will see even more progress, as milestones are achieved in both suborbital and orbital  private  spaceflight.  Space Adventures remains the only company to have sent paying passengers to space and we are eager to announce new and exciting projects in 2005.  T here are opportunities today for individuals to fly to space; so I encourage you to contact Space Adventures today to learn more.

Eric Anderson
President & CEO

Space Adventures LTD.


 12/16/2004  - Seattleite proves age is no barrier to space records

When your husband keeps sending you to space, you may be suspicious of his intent. Not so for Dorothy "Dottie" Simpson, 80, who recently was certified as the oldest woman to experience zero gravity by Guinness World Records.

 01/14/2005  - One Giant Leap for Frequent-Flier Miles

Forget about saving up for a trip to Hawaii . These days, bigger, more unusual awards are carving out a niche of their own. And the US Airways Dividend Miles program that took Dr. Demestihas up in the MIG, in an excursion run by Space Adventures of Arlington, Va., is surely one of the most extravagant awards ever collected.

10/6/2004  - Passengers Queue for Out of this World Flights
Space Adventures, the only firm in the world taking paid reservations for suborbital passengers, says it is in talks Branson and several other companies on tie ups that would take their wander-lusting passengers to space. "I have been fascinated with space travel from when I watched 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' as a child,"said 14-year-old would-be space tourist Adam Smith. "It will revolutionize travel. We will be able to go to Paris for lunch and the Pyramids for dinner," said the US schoolboy who has put down a 1,000-dollar deposit on his flight of the future and is working to raise the remaining 101,000 dollars due ahead of his space flight.


Our first promotion in 2005 is simple.  Book any Space Adventures' program and mention this email, and get a free membership into the
Spaceflight Club.

What does that mean to you? A free one-year membership in the Club is a $980 value, and is credited toward the price of your suborbital spaceflight. In addition, 10% of the value of any program you book goes directly against the cost of your suborbital spaceflight for Club members.  Besides earning credit toward the price of your spaceflight, Club members receive invitations to exclusive events, priority bookings, and numerous other members' only benefits.

If you have a goal of flying to space in your lifetime, the Spaceflight Club allows you to start taking steps toward achieving that goal today.

Orbital Spaceflight 

Spend eight days in space and live aboard the International Space Station

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Suborbital Spaceflight 

Fly into space, 62 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth and experience weightlessness.

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US ZeroG

Based in sunny Florida; experience 15 parabolas of Martian, Lunar, and Zero gravity.

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ZeroG Training Program

Float, flip, and fly with the official Cosmonaut Training team in Star City Russia.

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Edge of Space: MiG-25

Fly to the Edge of Space in the MiG-25 "Foxbat" and view the curvature of the Earth.

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High-G Training: MiG-29/L39

Fly an L-39 sub-sonic fighter then take the controls of one of the most maneuverable jet fighters in the world; the MiG-29.

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High-G Training :Su30/L39

Fly an L-39 sub-sonic fighter then take the controls of one of the most maneuverable jet fighters in the world; the Su-30.

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